Datavis Tech INC offers interactive data visualization design and implementation, custom software development, training for organizations & one-on-one mentorship.

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Datavis 2020 Episode 10 – Let’s Make a Face Part VI (Compartmentalizing Complexity)

Refactoring React components, using children, using with JSX, and generating random numbers!


Custom Software Development & Training 

Datavis Tech INC offers, Interactive data visualization design and implementation, Custom software development, Training for organizations & One-on-one mentorship

Visualize your world

You see the moon every day, but have you ever wondered how its phase corresponds with months? Find out by exploring VizHub: Moon Calendar 2020.

No limits

Code is the most limitless medium for creating interactive graphics. With a custom software approach, you will never hit the “wall of abstraction” that comes along with using high level tools.

A Galaxy of Data

Use three dimensional fireflies to vizualize your data, like we’ve done in VizHub: 2015 Seattle House Galaxy.