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Hi, I'm Curran.

Datavis Tech offers consulting services for design and development of interactive data visualizations for the Web. We can also help with the supporting work, including user interfaces, data processing, and full-stack development. We specialize in creative, collaborative projects in which your data is visualized for the Web using D3.js and other Open Source technologies. Given a data set or API to work with, we can help you explore and present the data visually.

Hi, I'm Seemant.


This selection of work demonstrates the flavor of consulting services available.

UserInsight Ingress Dashboard

Interactive visualization dashboard with multiple linked views for exploring user login data for enterprise computer networks. This work is in production in the Rapid7 product UserInsight, cybersecurity data analysis product. Here's a video of this work in action in the product.

World Population Visualization

This interactive data visualization lets you explore the population of countries over time between 1950 and 2010. Hovering in the line chart filters the map data by year. Zooming in the map causes the line chart to show only the visible countries.

Try it!Source Code

Migrant Deaths Over Time

A linked bubble map and temporal histogram of migrant deaths (public data from themigrantsfiles.com). Brushing in the date view filters the data shown in the map. Panning and zooming in the map filters the data shown in the time view.

Open Source Visualizations

A collection of data visualization examples hosted on bl.ocks.org, the canonical host for examples demonstrating use of D3.js. These examples demonstrate specific concepts, and some are ready to be used as starting points for new data visualizations.


The following is a selection of freely available training material for data visualization and programming.

Introduction to Data Visualization

An introduction to data visualization. This covers fundamental visualization concepts like data tables, column types, aggregation, and visual encoding using marks and channels.

VideoSource Code

Introduction to D3.js

This tutorial teaches data visualization with D3.js from the ground up. After watching this, you will know how to make a scatter plot, bar chart, and line chart.

VideoSource Code

Splitting Charts

Covers how to add an additional dimension of data to a bar chart. Rectangles are split into stacked bars using d3 nest and d3 stack layout, giving a new view into the breakdown of religions across the largest 5 countries.

VideoSource Code

Introduction to Node.js

A tutorial on NodeJS for folks who have never used it before. Covers background, module system, non-blocking I/O, reading and writing files, simple HTTP server, and NPM basics.

VideoSource Code

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