VizHub Changelog July 2020

By Curran Kelleher
Published: August 22, 2020

Lots of good stuff landed in VizHub in July!

Home Page

VizHub Home Page.
  • Forks count in viz previews.
  • Ability to upvote from viz previews.
  • Sort by most forked or most recent.

Navigation Bar

VizHub is rocking a brand new redesigned navigation bar.

VizHub is rocking a brand new redesigned navigation bar.

Forks Page

On a viz, you can click “608 forks” to see its forks.
You can now see the forks of a particular viz.

Profile Page

Profile page with new sidebar for private vizzes, sortability.

You can now use the search box to search within a profile too.

Vim Mode Toggle UI

One frequently reported pain point of VizHub was the confusing nature of Vim mode. The only way to activate it was to hit Alt+V, and the only way of knowing you’re in it was the fat cursor. Some folks accidentally enabled it and didn’t know what it was. To make matters worse, the Vim mode enablement persisted across sessions. Now all that has changed.

Vim Mode Toggle UI

Now there’s a Vim mode toggle UI. You can use it to turn Vim mode on and off, and it clearly indicates when Vim mode is enabled or not. Also, the choice is no longer persisted across sessions. The page loads with Vim mode off, and you need to explicitly turn it on if you want to use Vim mode.