VizHub Changelog May 2020

By Curran Kelleher
Published: May 9, 2020

Some exciting new improvements landed in VizHub in May, particularly around private visualizations and collaboration.

Private Visualizations

While private visualizations have been “basically working” for some time, they lacked the ability to tell from a viz page or viz preview whether or not the viz is private. These privacy badges have been added.

Privacy notice on viz view page.
Privacy notice on profile page.


While it has been possible for some time to check the “allow anyone to edit” box to open up your viz to real-time collaboration, it was not possible to see the other person’s cursor or selection (you could only see the changes). A new set of features has been added for “presence” – the ability to see the cursor position and selection for other collaborators operating in the same viz. Big shoutout to the amazing work of Alec Gibson and the ShareDB team! The new presence features in VizHub would not have been possible without their efforts adding presence in general to ShareDB.

Presence in action.

More new changes:

  • Forking a private viz yields a private viz (previously fork was public).
  • Links in the description ( now open in a new tab.
  • Auto-open newly created files.
  • Ensure newly opened file has focus.