Visualization Ideas

By Curran Kelleher
Published: December 14, 2019

“Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.”
— Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell

What follows are data visualizations in the idea phase. Some of these have already been done, some may have been done and I haven’t seen them.

On the domain front:

  • Climate change
    • Keeling Curve
    • Ancient history of CO2 and temperature
    • Greenhouse gas emission types and sources
  • Space exploration
    • To-scale solar system viz with zooming
    • Zoom out to local stars
    • Distance from Earth to Mars over time
    • Index of Mars missions
    • Index of Moon missions
    • Index/map of all space missions ever
  • Human Suffering
    • Poverty
    • Disease
    • Killings
    • Crime
    • Terrorism
    • Addictions
    • Hate (Racism, Mysogeny, Casteism)
  • Demographics
    • Distribution of wealth
    • Distribution of education
    • Migration/race distribution
    • Income inequality
  • Computer Science
    • Market share of mobile vs. desktop/laptop over time & space
    • Rise & fall of various programming languages and platforms
    • Visualization of algorithms
  • Ancient history
    • Geologic time scales
    • Earliest humans
    • Origins of farming
    • First cities
    • Early human migrations
  • News and Current Affairs
    • Ability to quickly produce visualizations relevant to whatever is in the news at the time.
  • Templates with historical context for recurring types of events such as
    • extreme weather (earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis)
    • nuclear meltdowns
    • plane crashes / missing planes
    • terrorist attacks
    • mass shootings
    • elections
    • Meta-taxonomy of types of reccuring themes in the news

Time zones on a rotatable globe using color luminance for offsets.

World religions by country as pie charts on a map.

Streamgraph of Git commits per user in a given project.

Streamgraph of time spent by project, exported from time tracking app.

Streamgraph of actors in movies since 1900 (with smoothing).

DBPedia Ontology as zoomable circle packing.

Nested corporations (e.g. Microsoft→GitHub) as zoomable circle packing.

NPM Dependency Graph as Node-Link diagram for create-react-app & others.

Density map of Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks in the US (from OSM data).

Multi-line chart of infant male vs. female height & weight data.

Twitter Diplomacy Timeline (tweets & mentions by world leaders over time).

Tree visualization of source code, size and color by lines of code per file.

Map of cities by population as circles, revealing more as you pan & zoom.

Visualize train schedule in the style of Tufte, with hover interactions.

Daily updated News Topics Streamgraph using google-trends-api.

Map of population by caste in India.

Visualizations of caste by region by median income in India.

3D piece on Satellites (Low, medium, high orbit, and Lagrange points).

To-scale 3D piece on our solar system with zooming.