Introducing VizHub 2.0

By Curran Kelleher
Published: January 7, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that VizHub 2.0 is now live at!

The VizHub 2.0 Editor.

It’s been an amazing journey transitioning from VizHub 1 to VizHub 2. VizHub 1 was Open Source, and felt more like a prototype than a product. The basics worked well enough to use for an online course, but the design lacked polish. That’s when we decided to hire Stamen Design to create new designs for VizHub in May 2019.

Between May and June, VizHub 2.0 was developed. In September to November, it was beta tested through use by students in Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s online graduate course in Data Visualization.

Feedback from students such as bug reports and feature requests helped shape and polish the product. The Kanban Board gives transparency to VizHub users in terms of real-time status of what’s being worked on and the prioritized roadmap.

VizHub Kanban Board

VizHub was also beta tested by students in Amsterdam as well! VizHub was used to host and develop D3 Examples by Laurens Aarnoudse as part of the Tech Track at CMD Communication and Multimedia Design Amsterdam at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Students were given the option to use VizHub for their data visualization projects, and some did! Some did not, which provided valuable feedback as well.

Student projects from Amsterdam

The VizHub Kickstarter was successfully funded! Though the $1,000 goal was relatively modest, this success indicates that the freemium business model can actually work for VizHub. The first paid feature “private visualizations” is already working and is being beta tested. As soon as the Kickstarter finishes, backers will be given access to this feature (an a discounted rate of $4.17/mo). If this interests you it’s not too late to back the Kickstarter!

VizHub Launch Kickstarter.

Lastly, Datavis 2020 is off to a great start. This is a free online course offered in 2020 that covers data visualization theory and practice, where the practice portion will be done in VizHub. There are already over 100 students there from all over the world (including developing countries which I’m really excited about).

Locations of Datavis 2020 Students in the first 2 weeks.

Really looking forward to what the future brings for VizHub and beyond!